The Father and His Son

The boy grew up and became strong, filled with wisdom, and God’s grace was on him.... And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.
— Luke 2:40; 52

I wonder if God the Father felt some tinge of pride, some swelling of His heart, watching His Son grow up? And I wonder if He felt--at the same time--some sorrow, some stabbing in His heart, knowing what His Son was destined to do? I may be treading on dangerous ground speaking of God in such human terms! How am I to know what was in the heart of God? But I cannot help but wonder out loud: Did God feel at all conflicted watching His child grow up, knowing He was headed to the cross and such suffering? Did the Father ever want to yank His Son out of this world, and take Him back to the safety of heaven, before the suffering began? I would... and I probably would have done it!

But God had made a decision--and Christ had made a decision. That decision was made in eternity past. That decision was based on love. That love was more than a feeling. It was something stronger than any emotion or substance we can know. That love caused His face to be set like a flint toward the cross. That love produced my salvation. 

A simple "Thank You" seems to be woefully insufficient, doesn't it? But it is the very least that I can offer... and I am obliged to say it.

"Thank You, Father, for giving Your Son. Thank You, Jesus, for accepting the assignment. Thank You for Your determination... Your resolve... fixed by Your love for me. Thank You for completing the mission. Thank You for 'enduing the cross and despising the shame' to accomplish my salvation!"