Happening Now: Angel Assists Jailbreak!

In what witnesses are calling "a miracle" an angel orchestrates jailbreak from ultra-high security prison. The angel appeared in a "flash of light" to a church leader incarcerated in a maximum security prison in Jerusalem. The escapee was recently arrested by the governor for practicing "non-state sanctioned religious activities."

The jailbreak is reportedly connected to a prayer meeting held at a nearby home. When the escaped convict arrived at the home to tell them he was freed they would not believe him.

According to an unnamed source: "Yeah, we were praying for his deliverance... but we did not actually believe it would happen. We were hoping for--at best--a commutation of sentence. But, I mean, an angel? These things don't just happen everyday!" 

According to witnesses the "apostle Peter" was sleeping in his cell chained between two guards. His execution was scheduled for later that morning. Suddenly the prison was "filled with light" and the angel appeared "kicking Peter to wake him up." The angel then ordered him to "get dressed and follow me." Peter followed the angel unnoticed right past numerous guards and through several locked doors.

The governor was so furious with the guards that he ordered their execution. 

The full story is related in Acts 12.