How To Accomplish Your Goals: Part Three

He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem...
— Luke 9:51
But one thing I do...”
— Philippians 3:13


I. Do An Honest Evaluation

II. Set Goals

III. Focus

Concentration is the secret of power. There is enough energy in an acre of sunshine to blast rocks... if it is narrowed into a narrow, concentrated beam. 

Our minds average about 70,000 thoughts a day. 95% of these are simply recycled old thoughts--and about 80% of these are  negative! But imagine if we could focus even 30% of our mental energy on ways to accomplish our goals. We'd be unstoppable!  

So remember what your little league baseball coach used to say: "Keep your eye on the ball." 

IV. Be Persistent

Paul said, "I lay hold of that for which Christ laid hold of me"(Philippians 3:12). That phrase, "I lay hold of" is the translation of a Greek word that means "to grab a hold of something like you'll never let go!" In verse 14 he says, "I pursue as my goal...." Strangely enough, Paul used a word that was typically used to describe his persecutors. They pursued him relentlessly. That was the language Paul employed. We need to be tenacious in the pursuit of our goals. The value of a postage stamp is in it's ability to stick to something until it gets where it's going.  Some call it "bulldog determination." A bulldog's nose is slanted backward so it can breathe without letting go. Nothing can stop the person who is always "pressing on." Nothing succeeds like persistence.

When we close the books on "2018," where will you be?