A Bed Too Short!

Indeed, the bed is too short to stretch out on, and its cover too small to wrap up in.
— Isaiah 28:20

Maybe you've been the victim of this old prank--someone came into your dorm room when you were not there and they short-sheeted your bed! They took your top sheet and folded it in half. There it was--bed made--inviting you to tuck yourself in--to wrap yourself snugly in the blanket--all comfy-cozy--and then drift off into a peaceful sleep, filled with sweet dreams. So it seemed! But when you tried to slip between the sheets you discovered you couldn't stretch out! Your knees were up to your chin! You kick and kick, but they don't move. It's been a long and exhausting day of classes, lab work, and practice! You are so mad right now! You have to jump out of bed, bare feet on cold floor, and remake your bed. That's when you hear it--your roomy snickering beneath her covers! Okay, it's on! You slam your pillow down on her head. She's crying she's laughing so hard! Not funny, you think! Now she's out of bed slinging her stuffed teddy bear at your face! The fight continues until you both need showers! Not the night you expected! 

Strange as it seems, many play a similar trick on themselves. They place their faith in themselves, or in someone--or something else--their job, their back account, their trust fund, their skill, their education, their lawyer, their experience, their ability to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, their pedigree, etc. But when you put your trust in anything or anyone other than the LORD God you are pranking yourself. The day will come when you discover--to your shame--that you trusted in an unreliable source. You attempted to rest your faith on a cot that is too short. You played a practical joke on yourself! The day will come when you discover that the warm, cozy blanket you tried to cover yourself with is too short! There is only one reliable and trustworthy foundation for our faith--in the LORD! 

So don't prank yourself!