Disney Stole A Good Name!

Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the city where David camped! Continue year after year; let the festivals recur. I will oppress Ariel, and there will be mourning and crying, and she will be to Me like an Ariel.
— Isaiah 29:1-2

Disney named one of their most famous animated characters--a cute, red-headed mermaid-- "Ariel." But God used that name first--1,500 years ago in fact--to refer to His people Israel. The "city where David camped" was the place he later established as the headquarters of his kingdom--Jerusalem.

Isaiah prophesied during a time when Israel was rebelling against the LORD.  They had forsaken the LORD to worship idols. They also insulted the LORD by seeking the help of the Egyptians against their Babylonian oppressors. This angered the LORD. He promised that Egypt would forsake them--which they did--and the Babylonians would overrun Jerusalem--which they did with extreme prejudice. But God promised that after a time of discipline He would restore Israel. They would return to their God and become His "Ariel." The name Ariel is a combination of two Hebrew words: ari, meaning "lion" (2 Samuel 23:20; 1 Chronicles 11:22) and el, which is one of the Hebrew names for God. Put the two together and you have ariel, which means "God's lion" or "lion of God." Would you not agree with me a  pretty awesome name

When we rebel against God He must discipline us. But our failures are never final. God is not finished with us. He uses His discipline to  restore first to Himself and then to usefulness in His service. When we repent and return to Him God can make us His lions too!