Tested By the Word

Until the time his prediction came true, the word of the Lord tested him. 
Psalm 105:19 (HCSB)


These words refer to Joseph. In the Egyptian prison God gave Joseph a dream. In that dream God revealed that He was going to send a famine to the land of Egypt. God showed Joseph how to prepare for that disaster. But Joseph had to endure years in prison until that dream came true. During those years he was tempted to doubt that the dream would ever come to fruition. 

God gives us promises in His Word. But there are times when God gives us a specific promise from His Word about some special thing He is going to do in our lives. But then there comes a time of testing when we are tempted to doubt that promise. This time of testing is just as inevitable as the fulfillment of the promise itself. So why are we surprised when it comes? We should not be. Indeed, we should be expecting it! 

What do we do when the time of testing comes? We do what Joseph did--what he had no choice about actually--we wait. And we trust. We hang onto the promise and refuse to let go. We keep reminding God of His promise and His faithfulness. 

I had a friend say to me many years ago, "Refuse to doubt God." I have not forgotten those words, although I have struggled many times to keep his advice. But his words are still true. When we go through the test to doubt God's promise to us let us refuse to doubt His Him!