Do Not Harm God's Prophets

“Do not touch My anointed ones, or harm My prophets.”
Psalm 105:15 (HCSB)


I find it interesting that in the context of the psalm this is in quotation marks, as is verse 11: "I will give the land of Canaan to you as your inherited portion." The writer--who is not identified--seems to be emphasizing that he is quoting God directly. 


Regarding the first quotation: did God give the land of Canaan to the Hebrews? Obviously He did. That is an unassailable fact of history.

In the same context God gives this warning: "Do not touch My anointed ones, or harm My prophets." So, what does that tell us about this second quotation? 


I know that not everyone who claims to be a prophet truly is. The Bible is clear that there are many false prophets. But the false only proves the true. If there were no genuine article there would be nothing to counterfeit. So true prophets do exist. There are men and women whom God has called and anointed to speak for Him. 

What is a prophet? How can you identify them? 

Seems that there are two things that are inseparably connected in Scripture: prophecy and warning. God's prophets always spoke a word of warning to their culture. Their message seems to always be the same: "Return to God... or suffer the consequences!" 

This is why people of every time have loved the prophets--loved to hate them! But herein we may find a clue as to who the true prophets are: look for those who are despised.  I do not know if I would want to be a prophet! Once again we see that with great privilege comes great sacrifice. God's prophets have been maligned and ridiculed and rejected through the ages. This is not going to change! But be warned: do not be the source of that criticism! God will allow His prophets to be harmed, but He will not allow those who do the hurt to get away with it. Yes, prophets pay a price for their faithfulness to proclaim God's truth, but those who lay their hands--or their words--on them will pay ever more dearly!