A Picture of Peace

He will drink from the brook by the road; therefore, He will lift up His head.
Psalm 110:7

Have you ever read a verse of Scripture and thought, "What?" It makes no sense. It does not fit within the context. It just seems so random. This is one of those verses to me. 

Psalm 110 is a Messianic Psalm. It is a prediction of the coming Savior. It declares His victory... that when He comes He will defeat His enemies. He will be triumphant over all those who resist His coming and His kingdom. His triumph will be outright and overwhelming. But then, at the end of this declaration of resounding victory, He takes a drink from the brook beside the road. What does that mean? 

We understand David to be the author of this psalm. David wrote from inspiration--the Holy Spirit moved him. But he also wrote out of his experience. He grew up as a shepherd, leading his father's flocks. Shepherding must be a lot like flying an airplane: hours of boredom punctuated by moments of stark terror! Shepherds spent hours upon hours sitting under a baking sun simply watching their flock. Suddenly, a predator appears! The shepherd springs into action. He uses his bow or sling to eliminate the threat. Finally his adrenaline returns to a normal level and his breathing slow down. He is able to sit down, relax, and resume the task of simply watching the flock. 

On his way home he is deliriously thirsty. He hurries to a familiar place. There, just over the next hill, is a shallow brook that runs beside the road. He falls to his knees, cupping and dipping his hand, he lifts it to his dry lips. Water! The water instantly cools his tongue and hydrates his parched throat. He has no thought of danger here... no anxiety. This is a safe place. After satisfying his thirst, he lifts his head and stands to his feet. Not only is his thirst slaked, but his heart is filled. He has been successful today. He has won the battle. He has defeated the foe. He has protected his flock. He has done his job. Just a few minutes more and he will be home sitting down to a hot meal. Today was a good day!  

David thought about our Lord's final, climatic battle. He will thoroughly defeat His foes. He will defend and deliver His people. He will secure His place as Lord over all the earth. 

What does He do next? Does the victorious King ascend the platform, take His scepter, sit on His throne and rule? Yes... but not right away. First, before He lifts His royal head in honor, the humble Shepherd must take a drink from the brook.  

What a picture of peace... the millennial peace that is yet to come!