God Our Portion

The LORD is my portion....
— Psalm 119:57

Deborah and I recently celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. I took her to a fancy restaurant. Now I don't want to sound too redneck, but I was a bit deflated. The food portions were so small! The garlic potatoes were hidden under three sprigs of asparagus. That postage stamp next to the asparagus was my steak! I didn't know filet mignon comes from squirrels!  "Presentation is everything" they say. But I can't eat "presentation." And why do they serve it all on such a huge plate? That makes the portions look even smaller. Good thing the dessert portion was a decent size or I would have left there with my stomach as empty as my billfold! 

When I read that "The LORD is my portion" I feel a little ripped off. A portion is just a slice of something... only a piece. I think about those petit restaurant portions.  I don't know about you, but I want more than a miniature slice of God! 

But hold on! Really? Do I really need more than a portion of God? Think about it: God is infinite. That means that God is immeasurable. There are no limits to God. All of His attributes are boundless. His love is boundless. His grace is boundless. His mercy is boundless. 

So, how much of an infinite God can a finite creature contain... or really need for that matter?  Jesus is filled with "all the fulness of God"(Colossians 1:19), but that's Jesus! Jesus is God and therefore infinite Himself. But if God were to fill my little tank with the full measure of His love I would explode! 

Kinda reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite westerns, "Silverado." Emmett offers a handgun to Mal, "Want one of these." Mal holds up two Henry rifles and says, "This oughta' do."

You know--on second thought--a portion of the infinite is more than sufficient. 

God is our portion today... and every day... and that oughta' do!