Help for Parents

A common refrain when I was growing up was "I just don't understand these kids today!" 

But there is a LOT more to be confused about today than just language and music. If you are a parent of a teen you know what I mean.

I just got off the phone with my son who is a student pastor. I totally trust him. He recommended two online resources for parents. I checked them out and recommend you do the same. 

If you are a parent feeling overwhelmed by todays technology, language, and culture you should visit This is a website that helps parents interpret and understand the world your kids are immersed into. According to their website, their mission is "to empower the next generation to think clearly and critically about what they believe and to take ownership of their faith." Their goal is to help parents keep their kids from walking away from their faith. Read the "About" section on their website. 

The other is Their mission is to help parents understand the murky world of apps and digital devices. They can help you set parental controls... when these are available. They'll also help you understand which apps are the most dangerous and why. Warning: this is only for parents! The examples they show from the internet--the places your kids can visit--are graphic. To me it is like being in New Orleans. If you are familiar with the city you know there are places YOU should not go, much less send your kids down there. Yet this is EXACTLY what we allow our kids to do when they can go online without parental controls or supervision! 

So I encourage parents to check out these two resources immediately.